Every Door Direct Mail

What is the difference between EDDM and bulk mail?

Essentially, EDDM is bulk mail. The difference between EDDM and regular direct mail is that EDDM must be mailed to every address on a mail carrier’s route, whereas normal direct mail can be tailored with specialized mailing lists.

What is the estimated EDDM delivery time?

The USPS estimates the delivery time for standard direct mail to be 3-10 days, but they do not guarantee this window. They consider anything after 14 days to be late.

What is the Every Door Direct Mail minimum order?

The minimum mailing for EDDM is 200 pieces and at least one complete carrier route. In other words, a mailing of 200 that only accounts for 70% of one carrier route would not be acceptable; a mailing to a complete mail carrier route of 58 addresses would also not be acceptable.

Where can I get the EDDM forms?

See the Every Door Direct Mail User Guide for all form information.

Can I send Every Door Direct Mail postcards with magnets?

Negative. The postcards would not fit within the required dimensions.

What is the average Every Door Direct Mail response rate?

There is no way to accurately predict a response rate, unless you are using your own previous results. Every campaign is different. The key is to measure your Return on Investment (ROI). If you make more money than you spent on the campaign, declare it a success!

Is there a non-profit discount for EDDM?

No. It is still cheaper to use Standard Non-Profit Direct Mail if you qualify.

Who does Every Door Direct Mail printing?

DFW Direct Marketing does! Like us, there are also other certified mail houses that can design, print, and mail your order for you.

What does Every Door Direct Mail cost?

The cost of Every Door Direct Mail Retail is $0.16 per piece.

How can I access the EDDM Business Gateway?

What is the difference between Every Door Direct Mail Retail and EDDM BMEU?

EDDM Retail does not require a mailing permit, but is limited to standard flats (postcards) and allows a maximum of 5,000 pieces per day. EDDM BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) requires a bulk-mailing permit, but allows for a little more flexibility in terms of what can be mailed.